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Our Story

Our Wines

Our Winemakers craft each bottle with fruit from the See Canyon, Creston, and Paso Robles regions. Winning awards year after year, our reds, whites, and apple blends are made with an emphasis on fruit-forward notes, full mouthfeel, and finishes that leave the palate craving more.


Our Family

Three generations of Kelseys currently work at the winery, beginning with Dick and Dolores Kelsey, their sons Richard and Keith, and grandchildren Deanna, Devon, Clive, Tessa, and Jessica. What began as a retirement project for Dick Kelsey has blossomed into a full-blown business with a focus on providing fantastic wines and a remarkable atmosphere in which to enjoy them.


Our Philosophy

We believe in letting the land and the climate speak to your palate. A "hands-off" approach by our Winemakers ensures minimal interference by external factors, and brings out notes, aromas, and flavors that are both refined and true to the nature of their respective varietals.